About Us

Vama Vishwa Co-operative Credit & Supply Society is Limited company and managed by the best in it class team who are not only Hard Working but are also passionate for their work. Management team at company is a mix of highly experienced, young and enthusiastic work force. All the members in management committee are well educated and have a similar view towards the growth of the organization.

Chairman of the company is a Lawyer by profession and a paranoid to work for mankind. A very kind and generous personality who wants to turn the society around in a place where people can live with dignity and respect for themselves. He is a firm believer that the poor class of the nation does not need charity but, support to make their position in society.

On the other hand young and highly qualified C.E.O., a Management Graduate along with a reasonable banking and finance experience also supports the cause. The young and passionate entrepreneur of the company also believes that by charity you can make someone eat once but by providing opportunity to earn once you would feed a family forever.

Background And Histroy

Vama Vishwa Co-operative Credit & Supply Society Limited has always been attached to high values for human kind.

Management team of the company has always been engrossed in upliftment of society. They have worked hard to promote backward / poor people of society and bring them to a level so that they can live a dignified life. Education for children, Employment opportunities, Health awareness and knowledge spread about ones rights and duties towards society are the key focuses of company and associates.

Company's services are available to all without any gender and religion discrimination.

Missiong And Vision

Mission: To extend a helping hand to more and more families in rural and urban areas of Gujarat in first five years of its operations and then extend the same in other parts of India.

Vision: An improved society with people who can have easy access to financial assistance, awareness about their rights and duties along with improved living standards and social status.

Partners / Funders

Vama Vishwa Co-operative Credit & Supply Society Limited fully relies on its own capital brought in by the directors time to time. At present company has not raised any funds from any of the government or non-government institutions.


Vama Vishwa Co-operative Credit & Supply Society Limited is associated with Gyan Sarita Education Trust, a well known and highly active trust to reach the poorest people to execute their requirements in monitory terms so that they can be encouraged for better lifestyle.

Trust was formed in the year 2001 with the objective of the upliftment and development of the poorest of poor and most vulnerable families. It is a registered trust under the Public Trust Act. The trust is focusing on women, senior citizen, unemployed youth and adults from all the castes and communities from rural and urban areas. Trust is actively working in urban slum areas of Ahmedabad and many rural areas of Gujarat. The most assisted communities by trust are casual laborers, poor self-employed entrepreneurs like street vendors, land less agriculture workers, and artisan women.

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